Telehealth Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

We have introduced Telehealth as a tool to assist us in delivering healthcare safely during the Coronavirus pandemic. We appreciate this is a little different to what our patients are used to, so we have developed some Frequently Asked Questions to help.

Please – do not neglect your health during this crisis! We are here to help manage all your health concerns safely.

What is Telehealth and how does it work?

The Australian Government has introduced Telehealth for all GPs, and for many other health service providers, in order to minimise exposure to Coronavirus. This means that you can have a telephone consultation with your GP rather than need to go into the clinic and risk exposure to the virus.

What can my GP do by Telehealth?

Your GP can offer the same level of excellent healthcare via Telehealth that you have come to expect from our clinic. Our GP’s are still able to consult for the same medical conditions that they would normally review in person. The difference being you will first speak with your GP on the phone and they can then assess whether you require a face to face consultation. Prescriptions, referral letters, pathology and imaging referrals and medical certificates are still able to be issued.

How can the doctor diagnose me without actually doing a physical examination?

A vast amount of information can be gathered by speaking with a GP, whether it be via a face to face or telephone consultation. Research has shown that over 80% of diagnoses are made by taking a history from a patient and this can be achieved effectively and efficiently via a telephone consultation, whilst maintaining the same level of patient-centred care.

With this in mind, we of course recognise the limitations of a telephone consultation and that some patients require a review in person. Therefore, if your GP feels further clinical information is required they will arrange for you to attend our clinic for a face to face assessment.

How much does a Telehealth appointment cost?

We bulk bill all eligible patients for Telehealth consultation. If you do not have a Medicare card, you can still access Telehealth, but there will be a private fee charged.

What equipment do I need to have a telehealth appointment with the doctor?

Just a normal phone will do. Email is helpful too.

Who will my Telehealth appointment be with?

You will have access to the same caring and dedicated GPs that you are used to, over the phone. We recommend you request your regular doctor, because they will be most familiar with you and your medical history. This helps them to deliver better quality care for you.

Have your opening hours changed?

Our medical centre is open 8am to midnight, 365 days a year, as it always is.

What if I need to see my doctor face to face? Will I be safe?

If you need to come into the clinic for a physical examination or treatment, we will arrange for this to be done safely. You will not spend any time in our waiting room. You will see all staff wearing protective items including gowns, gloves and masks. While we appreciate this may be confronting for some, you will receive the same kindness and care you would expect from our lovely staff members. This is for their safety and yours.

Should I still be immunising my children?

Yes. It is very important to keep all immunisations up to date. We will help to arrange this safely for you.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. Everyone deserves to have access to quality medical care and we do not believe in turning people away who need our assistance. Please note we will need to check 3 points of ID being all current and in date (this can include Medicare card, Driver’s license, HCC, Pension card, Keycard or Passport) via email or fax in order for the appointment to proceed.

Can I walk-in without an appointment?

No. For safety reasons, we are not accepting any patients at the clinic without an appointment until further notice. But feel free to call us from your car, and if we can accommodate a telehealth consultation straight away, we will. If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing or any other medical emergency, please do not call or present to the clinic but urgently dial 000.